Fortsätt till huvudinnehållet

Customer-specific processing

We are an experienced supplier of high quality custom-made and processed timber. Cut, drilled and planed to the millimeter in finished packages. We usually work with late growth pine and spruce, but can meet most needs. Read more about our strengths below and contact us to discuss your requirements.

Cut and ready

Do you need a large amount of solid wood? Let us cut and plane the boards according to your specific requirements. You will save time, money and waste and receive a ready-made package of sorted quality timber – delivered directly to you. Do you need knot-free two-meter boards for bed frames or door frames? Or planed boards for bed bases? No matter what you need for your production, we can provide it, according to your exact dimensions and timber requirements. With our scanner, we sort pieces according to the required quality.

When you hire us, you can spend your time on other things, and do not have to have your own machines such as planers and saws standing around. In addition, we sort the wood and pack it compactly in easy-to-handle packages. Since you can use all the wood directly – without waste – it also saves on transportation costs.

20 years of experience

For more than 20 years we have been working with boards and cutting components for the furniture industry. As part of Fiskarhedens Trävaru and with the forest right next to us, we have great knowledge of wood – and an equally great commitment.

We make the most of everything

We make use of the leftover waste pieces. They become wood chips, wood shavings or packaging material such as disposable pallets. In this way, the entire board is used, which we see as a good deed both economically and for the environment.

We keep our promises

Our motto is: you get exactly what you ordered, at the time you ordered it. We can promise that you will receive a fine raw material in the dimensions you want – in a ready-to-go package at your place on the day of delivery. We don’t compromise on that. And if there are any problems along the way, we’ll solve them too.


Fiskarhedens Komponenter AB is certified according to PEFC and FSC®. This means that our raw material comes from certified forests or is controlled wood, i.e. wood that does not come from controversial sources according to FSC Controlled Wood or PEFC Controlled Sources.

Download our certificates
FSC® Certificate Code SCS.COC.000901
PEFC Certificate Number: ICSE-PEFC–COC-0145639