Fortsätt till huvudinnehållet

About forest ownership

Long-term perspective

Forest ownership requires a long-term approach. Taking care of and developing a forest can provide both high income and quality of life, and we are happy to help you. We are there where your forest is.

Generational change

There is a lot to think about before a generational change. A generational change is often a long process that requires a lot of preparation and good planning to make the transfer as smooth as possible. The most important thing is that everyone in the family is involved from the start. When it comes to the type of transfer, it’s important to get expert help to make sure it’s the best option for you. A recent forestry plan is a prerequisite for knowing the value of the property. Contact your local timber purchaser and we will help you.


We help you increase the yield of your property through the right forestry measures. It is then important to manage the financial return. Your local timber buyer will help you with advice and referrals to experts.