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How to do a timber deal

A forestry deal – step by step

How does a forestry transaction work? Here you can see the usual process, step by step. You always start by contacting one of our timber buyers near your forest, unless we have time to contact you first.


1. We visit your parcel

After initial contact with one of our timber buyers, a field visit is made to your forest. We go through what needs there are and what goals you have with your property. Then a valuation is made, i.e. an approximate assessment of the volume that the planned measures will provide and a preliminary timber value.

2. We sign contracts

Once we agree on the forestry measures to be taken, the timber buyer will sign a contract with you, which you will review together. At this stage, we also recommend that you plan how you want the timber payments to fit your finances in the best possible way. Payment plans or deposits into a forestry account are some options for spreading the income from the forest over several years. The data from the agreement is registered in VSOP, which is one of Fiskarheden's digital systems. It includes the identities of sellers and buyers and map coordinates for the area in question.

3. The actions are scheduled

The forestry operations are planned based on what we have agreed. The machinery team that will carry out the work will receive clear instructions based on our agreement and can schedule the felling, or other service, with suitable machinery at the appropriate time. You will be told when the work will start.

4. The actions are carried out

The scheduled action is carried out by our hired contractors. When thinning or rejuvenation felling, the timber is driven to the road. Rollers are set up and marked with roller tags. The tags are marked with a unique number that allows the timber to be traced to your particular contract.

5. Your timber is measured

The timber is transported to a reception point close to the sawmill or pulp industry. There, Biometria performs an impartial measurement of the timber, so that you as a forest owner can be completely confident in your timber business.

6. Our timber deal is finalized

When all the timber from your harvest has been harvested and measured, Fiskarhedens Trävaru makes a final report of your timber transaction that gives an overall picture of the contract. The purchase price is then paid to you according to the agreement in your contract.

7. Rejuvenate your forest

If you have commissioned a final felling, rejuvenation measures should be taken in the next few years after the felling. Fiskarhedens Trävaru helps with soil preparation, planting and similar services.