Fortsätt till huvudinnehållet

Timber that
makes a difference

Fiskarheden Fastigheter

We have a long-term perspective

Fiskarheden Fastigheter is a local and sustainable real estate developer. We develop and build permanent homes, holiday homes and business premises. By taking responsibility and building for the future, we want to ensure that more people can live, work and vacation in our unique mountain world.
Fiskarheden Komponenter

Premium components for the furniture industry

Fiskarheden Komponenter is an experienced supplier of high quality customized and processed timber. Cut, drilled and planed to the millimeter in finished packages. We usually work with late-grown pine but can meet most needs. As a customer, you save time, money and waste and receive a finished package of sorted quality timber - delivered directly to you.

Certify your forest

For Fiskarheden, sustainable forestry means forestry where we can meet today's needs with as little negative impact on future generations as possible. Certified forestry takes environmental and social considerations into account while providing sustainable economic returns. It produces certified forest products, such as sawn timber, paper and cardboard.

Contact a timber purchaser

We at Fiskarheden know the area and care about it. Talk to us if you are thinking about anything to do with the forest. We ensure that you get the right value from your forest, while protecting the environment and climate.