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Fiskarheden Komponenter

Premium components for the furniture industry

For over 20 years we have been working with pine boards and components for the furniture industry. As part of Fiskarhedens and with the forest around the corner, we have great knowledge of wood – and an equally great commitment.

We work with timber from late-grown pine, which has grown in the forests of northern Dalarna, Härjedalen and Värmland. In a slightly colder climate, the trees grow more slowly, creating high quality and sustainable timber. As a building material, wood is renewable and binds carbon dioxide throughout its lifetime – even as timber. We also ensure that the residual products are used for heating, biofuel and packaging. So wood is always a good environmental choice, for many reasons.

Building the future with wood

Wood is the building material of the future. It is the only material that is fully renewable, ecological and climate wise. That’s why we believe in wood. A lot is happening in the forestry, wood and construction industry right now, technology is advancing rapidly and we have chosen to invest in the future in order to become even more efficient and quality assured.


Customer-specific processing

We are an experienced supplier of high quality custom-made timber. Cut and planed to the millimeter in finished packages. We usually work with late growth pine but can meet most needs.
Our history

Stability since 1997

Sälen Timber AB was founded in 1997 by Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB, Lima besparingsskog and Transtrands besparingsskog.


Claes Granlund


Anneli Morelius

Production manager

Eva-Marie Thell Gudmunds


Late growth timber from central Sweden

High-quality timber is a prerequisite for good boards, of course, and we get our timber from central Sweden where the conditions are optimal.