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About Fiskarheden

Timber that makes a difference

In addition to the sawmill, the Fiskarheden Group includes real estate companies, component and window factories and construction companies. The sawmill, which is one of Sweden’s largest and most modern privately owned sawmills, together with the Forestry Department, constitutes Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB.

Our history

Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB says that the sawmill is located in the village of Fiskarheden, just a few kilometers south of the Vasaloppet start. The first Vasaloppet was held in 1922 and the following year Fiskarhedens Sågverksförening was established. The initiator was Johan Jacobsson, who returned to his home village in 1919 after a period in the USA. He brought with him some money and a vision of a modern sawmill in Fiskarheden. Among those who invested as much as SEK 5 000 (135 000 in today's money) were, in addition to Johan Jacobsson himself, some well-off farmers from Transtrand.


By taking responsibility for our ecological footprint, striking a balance between economic growth and social well-being, and investing in education and innovation, we can build a more sustainable future for all of us.