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New forest owner

Advice for new forest owners

As a new forest owner, you have a lot to get to handle First of all, think about what you want to do with your forest. Set goals and think about what you want to do with your forest. Here are some tips and advice on how to learn more.

  • A forest management plan is the basis for successful and profitable forest ownership and a good basis for planning measures in your forest. The plan gives you an overview of the property and makes it easier for you to take the right measures at the right time.
  • Finances, declarations and taxes. Forestry finances may seem complicated, but there is advice available. We put you in touch with qualified tax and financial advisors.
  • Get help from advisors. We help you with advice on both forest management and the legal requirements that apply to your forest ownership. Contact our timber purchasers.
  • Management. If you only have a little time left for the forest but still want to manage it in a sustainable way with maximum benefit, Fiskarheden’s management agreement can be a good solution. Management is a comprehensive concept for your property where you get valuable advice and help with your forest ownership. In consultation with you, we take care of your forest and help you develop different values on your forest property and make your forest ownership easy.
  • Risk of damage to the forest due to extreme weather, insects, etc. We give you advice and also provide useful links:
  • Think ahead – insure your forest against fires, storms, spruce bark beetle attacks, etc.