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Our vision

A growing, sustainable community builder with satisfied customers at every stage.


Future success is based on sustainability

By taking responsibility for our ecological footprint, balancing economic growth and social well-being, and investing in education and innovation, we can build a more sustainable future for all of us. Thinking ahead, we are constantly trying to refine our ways of working and make them even more efficient, safe and sustainable through, among other things, energy savings, continuous efforts to reduce waste/waste on the sawmill side, more efficient and environmentally friendly transportation. To develop the work environment, we are constantly working on improvements, both physical and psychosocial. Work environment, health and safety are priority areas within the company and we work in many different ways to ensure that our staff are happy and well. We have a raw material, a product and a belief in the future that breathes sustainability. We work to create long-term profitability that extends generations ahead.

Environment and social values

Fiskarheden strives to ensure that the work is carried out in as gentle a way as possible, for both people and the environment. This is described in our Environmental and Traceability Policy. Fiskarheden creates many jobs directly at the sawmill and in the rest of the group, and indirectly through, among other things, the need for contractors. We take responsibility for the entire value chain through the care of contractors, further training and support and sponsorship of many children and youth teams or local associations.


Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB and Fiskarhedens Komponenter AB are certified according to PEFC and FSC®. Fiskarheden takes responsibility for the entire chain by being traceability certified. This means that the raw material comes from certified forests or is controlled wood, ie wood that does not come from controversial sources according to FSC Controlled Wood or PEFC Controlled Sources.

Certificates and downloads Fiskarheden Trävaru AB

PEFC Skogsbruk (pdf): 1701153
PEFC Spårbarhet (pdf):  ICSE-PEFC-COC-1700274
PEFC Trademark Licence Code:  PEFC/05-32-60

FSC® Spårbarhet (pdf): SCS-COC-000708
FSC® Trademark Licence Code: FSC-CO15713
FSC® Controlled Wood:  SCS-CW-000708

Environmental Product Declaration (pdf)
Specific for sawn timber made of spruce or pine.

Certificates and downloads Fiskarhedens Komponenter AB

PEFC Spårbarhet (pdf): ICSE-PEFC–COC-0145639
FSC® Traceability: SAI-COC-010915



Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB har högsta kreditvärdighet (AAA)

Audit report 2022 (pdf)

Sustainability message on biofuels and biofuels (pdf)

Contact person for certification

Henrietta Budgifvars

Management and process developer
Sawn products