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We have raw material, a product and a belief in the future that all derive from sustainability. We aim to create longterm profitability in harmony with man and nature for generations to come.

To get to the top we invest in developing our employees in both leadership and expertise in timber. Work environment, health and security are prioritized areas we continuesly work to improve for everyone at Fiskarheden to thrive. The family feeling and the affinity are hallmarks for Fiskarheden that we cherish highly and constantly work to strengthen.

We constantly improve our work methods to make them more efficient, secure and sustainable. For example by energy savings, less waste in the sawmill and more environmently friendly transports. We recently invested in the re-opening of the railway Västerdalsbanan, so that less transportations needs to go by lorries.


When Fiskarheden buys timber and works with forestry services the work shall be done as gently as possible towards the environment and the employees. This is described in our environmental policy (only in swedish at the moment).


The customers buying our wood are more and more environmentally aware and expects the timber to be procured in a way that’s gentle to climate and nature. The core of our sustainability work are our certifications. The demand for certified wood products is high and it is increasing as the awareness of the higher quality it brings rises.

For Fiskarheden, sustainable forestry means we can fulfill todays demands for wood products without jeopardizing climate and nature for future generations. Certified forestry and wood products respects environmental and social values at the same time as sustainable economic growth is preserved. Examples of certified products are sawn wood products, paper and cardboard.

Fiskarheden is certified in both forestry and traceability and offers forest owners help in getting their forest certified.

Fiskarheden’s certificates

Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB is certified by PEFC and FSC.


By being certified in traceability Fiskarheden takes responsibility for the whole process from forestry services to delivery of wood products. That means that the timber we saw comes från certified forests or is controlled wood according to FSC Controlled Wood respectively PEFC Controlled Sources.

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Social responsibility

Fiskarheden employs workers directly at the sawmill and indirectly through the need for forestry entrepreneurs and transportation services.

We take responsibility for the wellbeing and development of all employees and entrepreneurs in our business. We have initiated an education for sawmill operators and we are sponsoring serveral sports clubs for children and youngsters; as a couple of examples of our social responsibility.