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About Fiskarheden

Besides having a whole forestry department and one of sweden’s most modern sawmills that literally can see the timber’s true quality, Fiskarheden has a sincere ambition to develop the sustainable resource that the forest is, beyond timber, paper and energy.

Mankind has built houses from timber for centuries. If managed right, with thinning of the forest, clearing and replanting – wood is renewable in eternity. A few signs in the right direction are; the rise in building of wood-scrapers and the use of wood-pulp in clothing and packaging.

Wood binds carbon dioxide during it’s whole life span, even after the felling and it’s been sawn into construction materials. The residues after the sawing is also used för different environment friendly products such as packaging, heating and biofuels.

Sawmill and qualified forestry services

Fiskarheden is one of the largest employers in the municipality of Malung-Sälen. To be able to provide jobs for hundreds of people is also a part of our ambition to create sustainable profitability for generations to come.

Through our sawmill and our qualified forestry services we aim to produce high quality products requested in all parts of the world. In that way all parties in the supply-chain; forest owners, forest entrepreneurs, sawmill workers and the local community; are contributing to a greener planet – that’s what we call
”Timber that makes a difference”.